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" FARM TO TABLE, "Not Just another Italian Restaurant" Serving Stowe for over 38 years, Open wed to Sat. year around

*******FARM TO TABLE*******

 OPEN: WED, THU, FRI, SAT year around 

******SAME DAY RESERVATION CALL LAND LINE : 802-253-8480*******



***TEXT RESERVATION TO CELL NUMBER: (1-802-793-3943)***


To Expedite reservation process we need following info:  Date, Day, Name, number of guests, # children, time range, a cell number. Reservations must be confirmed by Trattoria La Festa Team to be valid.


Trattoria La Festa is a family-owned small Italian eatery serving Stowe for over 38 years. Our Cuisine is called " Cucina Casalinga" or homemade cooking from the Sperlonga area where we come from. The restaurant is located inside an old farmhouse, with dark woods, candle lights and red oil table cloths. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. It has a great music selection, food is real, unpretentious & re/asonably priced. A solid wine list with many choices is /available. Chef/Partner Patricia"s desserts are worth waiting for. ****Italiani: Siamo una famiglia di Sperlonga negli USA da 38 anni e piu', la cucina e' tipica Laziale, pasta al dente, pietanze fatte in casa e dolci eccezionali. Se siete in viaggio e avete la nostalgia di un piatto all'Italiana non esitate a venire da noi. *Ciao a tutti.

Buon Appetito e Abbondanza