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" FARM TO TABLE, "Not Just another Italian Restaurant" Serving Stowe for over 38 years, Open wed to Sat. year around

*******FARM TO TABLE*******

 OPEN: WED, THU, FRI, SAT year around 5pm to close

******SAME DAY RESERVATION CALL LAND LINE : 802-253-8480*******



text reservation only: 802-793-3943

To Expedite reservation process we need following info:  Date, Day, Name, number of guests, # children, time range, a cell number. Reservations must be confirmed by Trattoria La Festa Team to be valid.


Trattoria La Festa is a family-owned small Italian eatery serving Stowe for over 38 years. Our Cuisine is called " Cucina Casalinga" or homemade cooking from the Sperlonga area where we come from. The restaurant is located inside a 1776 farmhouse, with dark woods, candle lights and red oil table cloths. The atmosphere is warm and cozy in the inside and it also has a wonderful al fresco dining on the covered porch with views of Mt Mansfield.  It has a great music selection, food is real, unpretentious & reasonably priced for what you get. A solid wine list with many choices is available. Chef/Partner Patricia"s desserts are worth waiting for. ****Italiani: Siamo una famiglia di Sperlonga negli USA da 38 anni e piu', la cucina e' tipica Laziale, pasta al dente, pietanze fatte in casa e dolci eccezionali. Se siete in viaggio e avete la nostalgia di un piatto all'Italiana non esitate a venire da noi****. *Ciao a tutti*.

Buon Appetito e Abbondanza