Antonio and Giancarlo were born and raised in Terracina, a village on the Tirraneum sea coast. In 1978, they met Patty while working the Boston restaurant scene. Together, they opened the Trattoria La Festa Italian Restaurant in Stowe in 1986.

There are three of us always working on the menus:  Antonio, Giancarlo and Patricia with all different culinary expertise. We all love to eat, drink and cook. Antonio’s specialties are appetizers and main courses, Patricia’s is desserts, all homemade (tartufo, tiramisu’, budino, panna cotta, frutta al forno and other succulent specialties. Giancarlo’s specialty is wines like new undiscovered wines “Nero D”Avola, a baby Super Tuscan or some of the more robust Barolo and Brunellos.

Our Cuisine is Italian regional and seasonal. In the winter we have classic dishes like “Ossobuco, pasta e fagioli, peperonata, arrosto di pollo e di maialetto, risotto ai funghi porcini, fettuccine carbonara e paste al forno. In the summer we grow most of our vegetables, tomatoes, arugala, fresh herbs and hot peppers which we pickle and serve in our martinis or in the Puttanesca sauce. When you sit outside on the porch or garden you‘ll see us harvesting some of the freshest products you will ever eat.

 We believe in the use of only natural and local products, no synthetics, no preservatives, no food-altering ingredients. Organic is the way to go, we believe and practice "You are what you eat."

Buon Appetito!

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